REMNANT by Chris Collins centers around natural fuel resources and what is left behind in our quest for energy. This consists of stumps which were collected from the Caja del Rio region West of Santa Fe.

The stumps collected range from pinion cut in the last decade, to junipers cut with an axe before the era of chainsaws. These are coated in whitewash, which consists of lime, a product of limestone. Whitewash serves to preserve wood from deterioration. To whitewash is also meant to obscure an underlying dirty truth. To be whitewashed could also refer to assimilation to a dominant white culture, that in the colonial push westward both land and culture were viewed as resources to be conquered and "civilized". Whitewash in all of its contexts applies in this instance. Removed from the earth, the whitewashed stumps take on a skeletal and ghostly appearance.
Following a showing of this work in Santa Fe, these stumps were then taken back into the desert from where they originated. These were installed in a line on the landscape, referring back to human imposed order and that of mark making.
Chris Collins is a Los Angeles based sculptor. For the last decade, he has been primarily engaged with the metal casting process, working in several foundries. His current work deals with themes of technology, science, nature and the passage of time.